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Quick Thoughts: South Park Episode 227 (Jewpacabra)

After a couple stinkers, it’s nice to see that South Park was able to pull out something more enjoyable without coming off as too much of a pop culture satire.  Just the name of the creature and episode “Jewpacabra” is almost a guarantee that the episode should offer something better than most of the season.  Granted, this isn’t to say it’s a classic by any stretch, but it does mean we have a far more enjoyable slice of a series which has long since gone past its prime.  Also, did a South Park episode seriously end on a legitimately happy note (in celebration of a holiday no less)?

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Quote Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

“It reminds me a lot of Bumblebee, if Bumblebee were a sad piece of s***.”

Dark of the Moon is an overbearing, convoluted mess; one that does little to utilize what potential and life was left in Bay’s version of the iconic brand.  Between its serious lack of character development, insanely bipolar tone shifts, completely incoherent plotlines, hackneyed jokes, weary pacing and special effects that are equally tiring as they are impressive; it’s hard to find even an indication of a film with any sort of true significance.  Most of the means that seem to intend entertainment fall flat; whether from being overdone or simply immature.  While the spectacle of the action scenes and special effects can’t be denied (especially so in 3D), and Bay does seem to have learned how to better shoot action scenes on their own; the final results are just bad.

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