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Please Silence Your Children and Cell Phones

When I watch a movie, particularly in the theater, I’m often longing for escape.  The world is tough, unfair and in some occasions just plain annoying.  And when all that converges, I hope to find some relief, and movies in the theater are often the most effective medicine.  That is, of course, until someone brings an (underage) kid with them and won’t keep them under control.  This seldom happens to me.  Unfortunately, this streak was ruined as I sat and attempted to enjoy the first big summer blockbuster: The Avengers.

The plan was set: Two of my friends and I would catch the movie together at our small town’s nearby theater.  Despite already seeing each of the trailers shown before the film, I was still looking forward to seeing those as well.  Then, right as the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises began, a little kid began making noise, much to the beyond-apparent distraction of the entire audience.

Hulk no like obnoxious kids.

Now, I’m fine if a kid makes a brief mumble and their parents/guardians keep them quiet for a while.  I understand an endless number of scenarios come up, whether not being able to find or afford a babysitter or the kids themselves want to see the movie.  But please, if children are going to be brought to a movie then keep them quiet and under control.

Unfortunately for myself and the rest of a nearly-packed theater, all I could hear out of the parents was barely audible shushing.

After a few minutes of crying from one baby, the parent left and we seemed to be free of needless distractions…for about thirty seconds.  Another kid–not far from my friends and I–was given little incentive to refrain from its uninterpretable comments, and frustration continued to settle in.  This ensued for about 15-20 minutes into the film, and in that time I barely obtained any information on the plot (or entertainment from the action for that matter).

I wish I wasn’t serious.

Tested past my everyday tolerance, I walked out of the theater and demanded a refund at the concession stand.  Unlike the little experience I just faced, my reimbursement was hassle-free.  Shortly after leaving, my friend sent me a text saying the kids left, to which I responded “Because I asked for a refund, I’m walking home.”

Some might say I’m taking this too seriously, but if someone is going to bring their infant to a PG-13 action film that other people want to simply enjoy, then I think I have enough reason to be upset.  I certainly don’t attend theater showings to hear kids contribute their silly, innocent talk, much less for highly anticipated film touted for four years.  This post isn’t meant to address every parent when they bring a child or infant to a theater, and I know I speak of only a few; but parents, if you are going to bring a young child to a movie please, PLEASE keep them quiet and under control.  The rest of the audience doesn’t enjoy constant distraction, and I’m sure it’s no fun for you either.  But don’t make such an unnecessary inconvenience something that several others will put up with when they’re just trying to have a good time.

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