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Flickchart Match-Ups: Star Trek (2009) vs. Zombieland (2009)

Sorry readers, there will be no Stumblings this week.  However, rather than leave the Monday slot completely blank, I’ll be providing the first in the latest series of posts.  I’m also hoping for these to provide a better chance for discussions to finally ensue.  That’s why today I’m introducing Flickchart Match-Ups, taken directly from the website Flickchart.  For the uninitiated, Flickchart is a site that organizes how you rank films against each other based on 1v1 match-ups.  These are either randomly generated or have you rank a film up (or down) your personal chart.  If you’re like me and have seen a fair share of movies (600+), then it’s going to take a long time to get an accurate chart.  But it adds all the more reason to return, and when you get some difficult match-ups, you’re really left re-evaluating what you like (and dislike) in certain movies.  These are the ones I’ll be posting, one match-up per post.
Today’s match-up comes between two personal favorites.  Both are recently released (in 2009), have a fair share of action and comedic moments along with memorable characters and pure fun-filled entertainment.  From the final frontier we have…

And from the closer-to-home fantasy many of us is…

What do you think?  Does a witty reboot trump what’s become a cult favorite?  Or is a brief-yet-blissful taste of the zombie apocalypse leave Trekkies in a trail of blood and guts?

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Quote Review: Pirate Radio/The Boat That Rocked (2009)

“How about it, then?”

The cast and characters make this the perfect type of silly, feel-good nostalgia-inducing movie.  Sure, there are too many ends for the movie to develop or nicely resolve, but most of the faces are too memorable to simply shrug aside.

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Quote Review: The Princess and the Frog (2009)

“This is gonna be good!”

A bit of a return to form for Disney, The Princess and the Frog gives us a nostalgic yet surprisingly modern-looking 2D animated film. Thanks to a slew of charming characters, a twist or two on the familiar story in its title and excellent, colorful imagery, this actually turns out to be one of the better films Disney has brought us recently (possibly their best non-Pixar release since The Lion King). And with a few small visual throwbacks to previous efforts, any faithful Disney enthusiast is bound to appreciate it as well.

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Quote Review: Harry Brown (2009)

“You failed to maintain your weapon, Son.”

The film offers a lot of strong, graphic and gritty images that seem intended to provide an accurate depiction of Britain today. And though it’s true the film’s harsh reality and occurrences are gripping (at first), everything loses steam after the first act. Michael Caine provides a serviceable performance, but the progression and development don’t seem to do his character’s potential justice. And while things do unfold in a slow manner, it could have definitely benefitted from an extra 30 minutes to let everything play out in a far more fluent manner.

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