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Godiva Liqueur Review (Chocolate & White Chocolate)

Chocolate Liqueur Review

Great, now I’m reviewing alcohol.

I originally thought I’d be subjecting a more conventional bottle to my scrutiny, but while shopping, a couple little devils caught my eye.  For the longest time I’ve been curious about Godiva’s chocolate liqueur, but couldn’t see myself justifying the $30 price tag they come with.  This isn’t so much because of the beverage itself, but because of what other drinks I could mix it with in my collection (or lack thereof).  So I took the sampler’s route and bought a 50 milliliter bottle of the regular chocolate and white chocolate flavors.

It’s been a long time since I had Godiva chocolate, but given their name and reputation, this should be an interesting treat.  The bottles look nice, dark and elegant, almost like some high-class chocolate syrup.  Sometimes a really nice bottle is all it takes to catapult my attention.

Aesthetically, the regular chocolate variant looks like perfect chocolate milk, complete with a silky appearance and almost irish cream-like scent.  As I take an initial sip, the burn from the alcohol faintly lingers about my throat while the chocolate flavor gives off a mild personality.  The burn comes up more as I work my way, but becomes nonexistent on the finish.  I can’t help but think of irish cream mixed with chocolate syrup while I finish what little I have.  This is definitely something that could stand on its own as a post-dinner drink, like eggnog except you’re not limited to one time of the year.

White Chocolate Liqueur Review

Now, I love white chocolate.  I think it’s a bit of an unsung sweet that, when good, holds up on its own.  When paired with the right stuff it’s incredible, but they aren’t always so clear-cut.  It’s kind of like how I view Jameson whiskey–you really need to know what it can and can’t go with.  Needless to say, my hopes are quite high for this one.

Other than the white label, the bottle itself for this sample size is interchangeable.  A bit coy, really.  Once again, we’re talking silky smooth texture here, like a slightly thicker milk.  The burn from the alcohol is far less apparent to me, which is fitting with the mild flavor of white chocolate.  Much like how the chocolate flavor makes me think of irish cream, this one simply makes me think of milk (white chocolate milk, anyone?).  Because the flavor is so unimposing, I don’t really register the fact it’s white chocolate until the finish.

It’s probably my own bias, but on their own, I prefer the white chocolate flavor.  That said, I’m still pretty dry on recipes either of these could be used for, especially the white chocolate variant.  Other than a coffee or milk-esque drink, my creative juices simply aren’t flowing.  I enjoy both on their own, but I’m not so sure I’d shell out the price tag for a whole bottle of either one.

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Jif Natural Creamy Peanut Butter Review

I love peanut butter.  Do you love peanut butter?  If you don’t love peanut butter, I’m not sure our friendship can endure.  There’s just something special–something magical–about how peanut butter tastes, how it mixes with anything to provide awesome combinations.  How can you not love peanut butter?

Whether it’s creamy or chunky, I love to grab some of these less than generously priced jars.  I’ll often apply it to my morning toast and slide a few banana slices on top.  Elvis Presley fans will surely know what I’m talking about.  Besides, who needs butter on their toast when they can have smashed and oiled peanuts instead?

So when I’m on the hunt for peanut butter at the grocery store, I like to consider different options.  Jif is a frequent go-to brand; Smuckers might be annoying to mix, but the flavor and texture is always worth it; and even the usual store brand peanut butter can hold its own.  That is, unless you get a crunchy Great Value jar at Wal-Mart (seriously, do they even cut those peanuts?).  And while I don’t always abide by online dieting advice, I’ll at least give some tips a chance.  So when I looked around the less expensive choices, I decided to go with Jif Natural for two reasons:

One, it has only five ingredients (?)
Two, how can you possibly screw up peanut butter?

There are a couple amusing things to note about this particular selection, one of which exists in the name: NATURAL.  Is there seriously anything at this point that isn’t natural?  Sand isn’t exactly the most appetizing thing to eat, but at least it’s a natural part of our wholesome earth!  The other part to note is that it says “no need to stir,” which I found to be a given with peanut butter until buying my first Smuckers jar.  Next thing you know Peter Pan will be telling us we don’t need to refrigerate our peanut butter.

Beyond the food label there isn’t much to (initially) distinguish this from the regular Jif peanut butter.  It looks the part when you take the cap off and definitely smells the part too.  When you dip in, however, the differences begin to show.  The texture is notably softer, looking a bit oily and wet after you’ve scooped a bit up.  This stuff literally looks like it could melt away at any second, but somehow manages to stay in place regardless of how you angle the jar.

After grabbing my knife and helping myself to a generous amount, I found myself smiling…for about three seconds.  Natural it may be, but this peanut butter is very deceptive.  The taste is far more subdued than I’d become accustomed to, and the texture dissolves even faster than those Listerine strips.

But maybe my salivation glands are overworking themselves, so why not put this jar to the combination test?  And what better, easier way than an open Elvis Presley sandwich?  As always, I applied a light amount since even a little peanut butter can go a long way.  I always toast my bread as it makes for a good melting test, which happened almost instantaneously.  Spreading quickly got to the point that I had to dip in again and again to cover each slice.  Follow that up with some banana slices, a good bite and I’m left wondering, “where the heck is the peanut butter?”

It’s pretty obvious that if I want to get results even close to standard peanut butter thickness and texture, I’m gonna have to significantly up the amount I apply.  Even then the bland taste and mist-like consistency would still leave me feeling less content.  If fewer ingredients mean more to you than actual satisfaction, then go ahead and make your swap.  But then you’ve officially decreed yourself a heretic in my books.

The Verdict: Toss It in the Spill


Serving Size: 2 tablespoons (33 grams)
Servings Per Container: About 15
Calories: 190 (130 from fat)
Total Fat: 16 grams (3 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat)
Cholesterol: 0 milligrams
Sodium: 80 milligrams
Total Carbohydrates: 8 grams (2 grams fiber, 3 grams sugar)
Protein: 7 grams

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