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Quick Thoughts: South Park Episode 225 (Cash for Gold)

South Park continues its long-lasting, finger pointing antics in a bit of a brief commentary on the whole jewelry and gold business with this week’s episode.  The laughs can still come, but it’s far from a guarantee.  There’s ambition to the episode, but it all feels too short-lived for the its own good.  Ultimately, the episode is just another ripple in the show’s large pond.

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Quote Review: Hall Pass (2011)

“I think I can do better.”

Not since Envy has a “comedy” left me so bored and unable to even begin mustering a smile that it’s almost an accomplishment in and of itself. There’s nothing to really spoil with this borderline travesty of a movie since it’s all so ridiculously predictable. The most surprising quality of Hall Pass is how it comes so close to insulting both gender demographics–in fact, it doesn’t even take its time getting to this despicable low. Even the jokes are humorlessly crude and crass, leading to a sad example of a film that disgusts more than it amuses, but bores and aggravates more than anything.

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