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Quick Thoughts: South Park Episode 224 (Reverse Cowgirl)

The last season of South Park was a bit of a rough ride, going through many of the expected obscurities with a few serious moments and more than a handful of negligible moments.  But now we’ve entered season 16 of the often raunchy show which, thankfully (and like a proper season opener), brought enough laughs and jaw-droppers to keep anticipation for the rest of the season up.  You could call this episode (Reverse Cowgirl) one of the ultimate spins on the term “toilet humor.”  And because this is satire, it wouldn’t be complete without references to society and culture.  Some of it’s arbitrary, but at this point, you either expect or watch South Park for that exact reason.

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Posted by on March 14, 2012 in Episode Review, TV Show


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