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Epic Movie Scenes: Final Rap Battle/B-Rabbit vs. Papa Doc (8 Mile)

There comes a time we all step outside our comfort zone.  4-5 months ago, I gave in to a more drunk-induced tone.  No, I’m not out and about drinking jet fuel on the clock (yet), but a couple White Russians and Flying Grasshoppers aren’t a bad way to make you forget, least of all those horse piss drinks everyone calls beer.  Likewise there’s a movie featuring the good ol’ Slim Shady that pleasingly takes me out of my heavy metal comfort zone.  Linkin Park posers aside, we metal fans like crap-rap being kept out of our credible metal.  Go figure then that 8 Mile, a movie high on character and low in style, frequently turns out to be worth my while.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about that final rap battle, damn it!  At this point the chips are down and our buddy B-Rabbit has been made out like a clown.  Crap has hit both the floor and the ceiling, so now he’s ready to rap down the door with so much pure feeling.  If my rhymes are sounding forced at this point, do us all a favor: Relax and take up a joint.  Drugs, violence, alcohol, to those upper-class slugs it’s all same while they stand and talk all tall.  Take it from me, at this point in the movie, cheesy sounds quite breezy.  So don’t let your superior, cynical and critical self turn you away and move the movie off your shelf.  Suck it up and enjoy the moment like anyone wasting two whole precious hours.  And if my sad attempts at rhyme and rhythm aren’t enough to influence your curriculum for the day then maybe a blunt, simple “**** it” will do.

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