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Weekly Stumblings (12/10)

Here’s the latest in an ever-growing series of Weekly Stumblings.  I wonder how long it will be before I accidentally re-post something.

34 Two-Ingredient Recipes, because calling for any more than two demands a top chef:

That High, like an oven-baked cake flying over the Eiffel Tower:

20 Christmas Food Hacks for when you skimp out this holiday season (if you haven’t already):

A Psychological Cold Reading coldly reminding you that you are not unique:

25 Tricks for You Daily Life.  You know, assuming your daily life is actually interesting:

A DIY Filmmaker’s Toolkit.  Now you can show all those billion-dollar hacks how to make a real movie:

And an R/C Car Race that might make Electronic Arts feel just a tad bashful:

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Quote Review: Solaris (2002)

“If you think that there is a solution, you’ll die here.”

It’s clear where the film’s inspirations and themes come from, even if the viewer hasn’t seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, read the book or even seen the original film. A strong emphasis throughout is purely towards character psychology. Some parts drag and, at points, literally copy-and-paste scenes and exact dialogue; it doesn’t help that the ending comes abruptly without a coherent sense of resolution either (the attempt at hypothetical interpretations is completely obvious, but given such a horrible transition that the viewer is lost for the wrong reasons). That said, there’s still a worthwhile experience to be had in Solaris thanks to the relationship of isolation and desperation lending to some points that are sure to get its audience pondering, regardless of their thoughts or beliefs. In some regards, the film is quite fascinating, it’s just a shame that not enough justice is paid to the plot, or even (proper) context to help it feel like a complete and developed package.

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Quote Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

“Personality?  What personality?”

The film wastes little time setting the tone and getting into a groove that viewers might be able to get behind and cling to for the whole runtime. That said, the non-linear approach to telling the story actually impedes the film rather than complimenting it. Additionally, the characters and tension begin to feel like they’re going through one-note repetition from incident to incident. The potential engagement is there, but too much of the conflict and “rising action” feels like a flatline.

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