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Weekly Stumblings (11/26)

Where some are just resuming their normal lives today, I had a one day break on Black Friday.  Regardless, I hope you all had a good, tasty Thanksgiving and a more successful Black Friday than I did.  And despite a lack of posts recently, things will resume normal routine.  So here are the latest Weekly Stumblings!

Who Said Money Can’t Buy Happiness?

Life Hacks:

Cats Being Introduced to Each Other:

Color Psychology:



If Historical Documents Were Blog Posts:

Six Word Stories:

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Weekly Stumblings (10/5)

A short list to top off your Monday.  But with daylight savings giving us an extra hour, it’s all good.

Simple Resume Designs:

Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters:

Drug Reference Manual:

Nothing Else Matters Stretched to 800% (now I know what I want played at my funeral):

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Weekly Stumblings (10/29)

Mondays are lame.  Stumbles are awesome.  So is cool, windy weather in Florida just in time for Halloween.

Funny Philosophy Quotes:

10 Rules of Boozing:


Do You Like Cake:

Cat Versus The Internet (aka My Life):

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes:

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Weekly Stumblings (10/22)

Nothing quite like some awesome web pages to enjoy after a rowdy Monday.

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes:

25 Inspiring Stories:

14 Actors Acting:

All the More Reason to Avoid the Drive-Thru:

Map of Metal:

Ten Revealing Psych Experiments:

Several Stories to Make You Think:

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Weekly Stumblings (10/15)

Monday got you down?  No matter, I’m here to bring you back up.  And to remind you that nighttime shifts are worse than daytime shifts.

101 Awesome Short Stories:

Shakespeare Insult Kit:

Harry Potter Comics:

Rules That Guys Wish Girls Knew (with some exceptions):

Portal Christmas Tree:

3D without a 3D Screen:

Adult Jokes in Kids Cartoons:

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Weekly Stumblings (10/8)

Short selection this week, but there’s always more and more content in the endless void that is the internet.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick:

Oreo Stuffed Funfetti Cookies:


Famous Objects from Classic Movies:



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Weekly Stumblings (9/24)

Mondays suck, but I’m here to make them suck just a bit less.  Besides, we’ve officially entered the first days of Fall, so that’s something to look forward to.  Assuming pumpkin and candy corn flavors and themes are to your liking of course.  But we’ll get to those some other time.  For now, you can dwell on the latest crop of my weekly stumblings.  Enjoy!

A Line:

Slot Sofa:

Depth of Field Test:

Pop Culture Ice Creams (if Ben & Jerry’s want to completely dominate the ice cream market, they’d better incorporate these flavors, both permanently and nation-wide.  Or they could do them regardless just to be awesome):

A Game of Love:

47 (More) Brilliant Advertisements:

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Weekly Stumblings (9/13)

Ball Droppings:

Plot Scenario Generator:

Videogame Fonts:

The Floating Home:

Shelf Life Guide:

Mac and Cheese Cups:

Silly Taco Bell Tweets (hey, their food sucks, at least they can do something else right):

How Movie Theaters Should Be Laid Out:

Great Resume Designs:

And for my personal favorite of this week’s stumblings (going to be a tough one to top in the weeks to come):

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Weekly Stumblings

The great thing about blogs is that even though you can orient them towards a certain topic, veering off-course is never too crazy or unexpected.  Besides, when you’re your own boss, who’s gonna stop you?

Anywho, some of my readers may or may not be familiar with a little site known as StumbleUpon.  If you don’t, check it out.  But be warned: One does not simply stumble one more time.  In a nutshell, you give the site your interests and then it randomly brings one webpage up at a time that it thinks you’ll like.  From there you like (or dislike) pages so it can offer similar and better selections for you.

I only just started using it a week ago and have liked over 100 pages.  Many of these have included fat-inducing dessert recipes that will probably destroy my weight maintenance goals.  But there are quite a few pages which offer something quite different and interesting.  And since I love to share finds–even with complete strangers–I thought I’d offer another recurring feature for my blog which I simply call “Weekly Stumblings.”  Given how much I love the site and the fact I still get a bit of free time from my job, it shouldn’t be too tough to keep these coming.  And it means I’ll have at least one post to provide each week.

And these will be posted every Monday so that the few followers I have might have something to help brighten the worst day of the week.  So here are the first of many Weekly Stumblings:


What Song Are You Listening To?

Black Mirror:

Musical Square Lights:

Hats Micael Reynaud:

Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Pillsbury Funeral:

Should You Buy That Gift?

Why I’m Broke:

100 Ways to Cook:

25 Beautiful Animal PIctures:

35 Brilliant Advertisements:

Where the **** Should I Go for Drinks:

Paris Panorama:

Book Quotes as Illustrations:

CN Tower Timelapse:

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