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Coming Soon: Epic Movie Scenes

We all know that feeling; what happens when the nerves under our skin gleefully sear and leave us paralyzed in our seats.  Whether it’s the panning of a wide-scale battle, every cut and shot in a pulsating chase sequence or the sheer effectiveness of underscoring perfectly set to the right moment, these are among the greatest, most powerful and memorable of scenes in film.

I’m of course referring to what can only be described as epic movie scenes.  What’s great about scenes is that so many can work on their own level–you can watch them outside of the rest of the movie and they’ll still strike you.  Even bad movies can have a scene or two of redemption which somehow makes it seem like less of a waste of time.

I’ll be compiling an ever-growing list of movie scenes to share with you.  Many of these will likely have spoilers, which will be marked in the post title.

In the meantime, here’s a mash-up trailer done by BMoneyrulz on YouTube:

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